REIKI “universal life energy”

ReikiBenefitsEverything is energy! We are energy! When universal life energy “Reiki” is slowed down or blocked from flowing through us and our chakras an imbalance is created in one of our bodies. The imbalance occurs in either our mental, spiritual, emotional or physical body. Wherever this imbalance occurs, if it is not corrected it will eventually spread to our other bodies. For example, if you are experiencing a lot of emotional issues your physical body may be feeling that which could be the reason why your physically sick. If you are having physical body issues they could effect your emotional and either your spiritual body.

We are built of seven major chakras (energy centers) that are responsible for the energy that flows in and around our bodies. Each chakra is a specific color and is responsible for a specific energy. Think of these like stacked fans on top of each other. When one is moving to slow, too fast or even stopped from being blocked it can cause an imbalance in the bodies.

The alternative medicine of Reiki was developed in 1922 by Mikao Usui and is completely safe. Even for children and animals! A Reiki session can take anywhere from a half hour to an hour. Receiving Reiki is very relaxing and peaceful. Some feel the energy that I move through them. Think of if as if you your battery is low and I am charging you. The ultimate goal of Reiki is to keep our chakras and energy flow balanced so we can maintain a healthy and balanced body and life! If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

 At New U Spa, Kelsey, our Reiki practitioner can answer any further question you may have about receiving a Reiki Session. Call 402.933.8885 to schedule a session today!

**Do not use Reiki to replace conventional care or to postpone seeing a health care provider about health problems.**

Reiki Sessions: $85 for 60min session. Longer sessions available based out client choice. Please note that Spa Finder gift cards are not accepted for Reiki services. Thank you for your understanding.


”I had been experiencing symptoms of Colon Cancer again after being “cancer-free” since 1993. I have had several Colonoscopy procedures (9) since l993 and they always showed pre-cancerous polyps that were removed successfully during each procedure. This last bout of symptoms were more terrifying than any other that I had in the past and I was frightened and wondering again if I would have to have more colon surgeries and another 63 weeks of Chemotherapy treatments. I went to Ula for her to do Reiki healing treatments for me and I used my Reiki training to help myself. Each time I went to Ula I felt that Reiki could and would help me through this next test. I went for the test, was anesthetized and had the procedure. The surgeon was at my bedside when I woke up and both he and his anesthetist were amazed that I was “clean as a whistle” (their words) with NOT A SINGLE polyp in sight. Apparently the symptoms were related to a highly treatable problem that had NOTHING to do with Colon Cancer.

This was the FIRST time in 10 years that I had NO POLYPS and no pre-cancerous growths to be treated. I shared my delight with both Surgeon and his staff and explained that I had been having Ula (Reiki Master) give me Reiki healing treatments for the symptoms and that I KNEW that the Reiki and the healing were tied together…from my own experience with sending Reiki to people (long distance healing) I KNOW it brings healing Light from the Source of ALL healing. Reiki delivers both physical AND mental wellness which includes a sense of calm and peace. My thanks to Ula for her ability to bring, through her efforts, healing to me from the SOURCE of the Light. My surgeon was familiar with Reiki…his wife had a positive experience with it sometime in the past that he acknowledges as “beyond the scope” of his medical experience.

Love & Light to all of you who believe in the power of Reiki. Thanks for letting me share my story”.


“My Reiki story [though not much of a story] however it sure made a difference to me and also my family [though they didn’t know it at the time.] I took care of my Mom after my Dad died.[I am an only child] My Mom had Alzheimer disease although I did not know it until after my Dad died. I knew something was wrong but thought it was the shock of my Mom finding him dead of a heart attack.
After she was diagnosed she had progressed so fast in the disease that the doctor wouldn’t allow her to come home, I had to locate a nursing home that would accept her. This was very hard as she had always pleaded with me never to put her into a nursing home. While there, they discovered that she had cancer.

To say the least this was very stressful on the whole family. I got the flue for the first time in my life. It left me with a cough that wouldn’t go. It was diagnosed as possible bronchitis or asthma. It was asthma.
After my Mom died I was exhausted for months . The holidays came and I just didn’t have the strength or will to get things done for them. I remember telling the nurse that I just wasn’t going to do anything.
She recommended Reiki [which was done at the hospital] I went once a week and felt so very relaxed after each session. Well, we celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas and I felt real good about it.
I felt bad about myself previous to this as we had always celebrated the holidays and we really needed to continue and I needed to stop grieving.
My energy came back [although the asthma hasn’t gone].

Reiki is great!!-Pills can’t do it!! The body does know the difference!!
I highly recommend it. If done periodically I’m sure that a lot of sickness can be avoided.”