Reflexology Omaha Nebraska New U Spa and SkinReflexology, an ancient Chinese technique, has been practiced for thousands of years. The practice of reflexology uses pressure-point massage typically performed on the feet but can also be done through the hands and ears.

By stimulating the reflex points with manipulation, typically known as digital walking, there will be increase in circulation, improved blood flow, increased nerve function, decrease in stress levels, and heightened relaxation. The belief is in that all parts of the body are connected and work as a whole which can be activated or stimulated through the reflex points.


There are short and long term effects to the Eastern medicine modality. Some short-term includes de-stressing and relaxation, increased energy and overall peace when you get off the table. Some of the many natural healthy long-term effects are improved sleeping conditions, reduced anxiety and tension, improved mental alertness, and improved internal body function.

Cleansing of the feet is the beginning process to any reflexology session. This helps to begin relaxation and prepare the feet for treatment.


Essential oils are always incorporated in the process so please let your Certified Reflexologist know if you have any allergies or sensitivities to specific oils.

There are contraindications for reflexology so please discuss any health issues prior to your session beginning. Some of these contradictions include but are not limited to fever, infectious skin issues, pregnancy, recent surgeries or heart attacks, pacemakers, etc. Again, please discuss any and all issues with the therapist before beginning.


Reflexology is for everyone, the young and the mature! If you have had previous experience with the modality or are completely new to this concept, come see our Certified Reflexology Practioners and experience what reflexology has to offer you.

Cost of 60min session $135

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