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AcupunctureAre you suffering from Pain or Stress Issues?  


  • Low Back Pain?

  • Chronic Pain?

  • Muscle Tension?

  • Headaches?

Do These Symptoms Make It Difficult To Just Get Through Each Day?

Did you know that Acupuncture has been proven to be 52% MORE EFFECTIVE than the “standard of care” in Western Medicine for chronic pain, including headaches & low back pain.  (NYTimes, Sept 11, 2012)

Take advantage of a Proven System to STOP pain and get back to living your life! Acupuncture is Natural, Safe and Effective for Pain Relief and Recovery of Health.

Your Journey to being pain-free begins today!

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acupuncture_pagodaWHAT TO EXPECT

  • Please show up on time
  • Don’t eat a large meal before your visit
  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes
  • Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns with your acupuncturist
  • Refrain from overexertion, drugs or alcohol for at least six hours before or after treatment
  • Follow your treatment plan between visits
  • Keep all of your appointments, as each visit builds upon the previous ones

How Treatment Works

To treat any Qi imbalances, fine, sterile needles will be inserted at specific acupuncture points along the meridian pathways. Your acupuncturist will concentrate on acupuncture points related to specific organs, based on your unique issues and symptoms.

Your acupuncturist may include other related therapies in your treatment plan, such as cupping, Gua Sha or moxabustion. Herbal remedies are another important aspect of acupuncture and TCM, and it is important to understand and follow your practitioner’s directions in order to get the most benefit from these treatments.

yoga_childs_poseYour Role In The Healing Process

Your actions are a key component of your treatment plan. Focusing on your health and committing to a healthy lifestyle are the best steps you can take for your well-being. Together, you and your acupuncturist can heal your imbalances and help you achieve harmony and balance.

Even after your symptoms are resolved, acupuncture can assist you in maintaining your health, and possibly prevent future imbalances. The more you incorporate acupuncture and TCM into your life, the more you’ll learn to nurture your body, mind and spirit.

Acupuncture is not an instant fix.

True healing takes time and dedication. Depending on your current health and symptoms, you could feel better right away, or you may need treatments for weeks, months or years to achieve the results you want. Your acupuncturist can give you an idea of what to expect. With a little patience and an open mind, you’ll be on your way to health and vitality.

Acupuncture and TCM offer a safe and effective holistic health care system. This natural approach can both resolve symptoms and enhance your overall health.

By taking the right steps and planting the seeds of health, you are on the road to a healthier you!



Health Screening. Try it for FREE as an Introductory Offer at New U

Not sure if Acupuncture is right for you; then this is your first step to finding out. Schedule your complimentary 20 minute appointment to find out more about how Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can help you!

Case Review / Initial Treatment  $125  (60 – 90 minutes)

New to Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.  This is an extensive consultation to review all aspects of  your health and allow you to learn more about Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture.  I will listen to your story and allow you to explain your symptoms in detail to get a deeper understanding into your chief concern as well as all symptoms of “dis-ease” that you may be experiencing. This appointment can include taking your vitals (blood pressure, temperature & weight) as well as Chinese Tongue and Pulse. The information collected will help me to determine the Root of the problem and will be used to prescribe an initial set of personalized treatments.

Acupuncture  $75 (50-60 min Session)

Let this 5,000 year old healing practice help restore and maintain your health.

Cupping  $75 (30-40 min Session)

A deep tissue therapy that has received publicity due to the summer Olympics and celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston who have benefited from the technique.

Facial Cupping $60 (30-40 min Session)

Relax and renew your look with this needle-free anti-aging treatment.  And no, it does not leave marks like body cupping!  Benefits are noticed after one treatment. ( a series of 6 – 10 treatments is recommended)

Facial Renewal Acupuncture $99  (ask about package pricing)

Overall health & wellness for your body, while reducing the signs of aging on your face.   A safe, natural & effective way to younger looking skin.  (a series of 6-10 treatments is recommended)

Auricular (Ear) Therapy $20 (by appointment)

Needle Free!  Only Ear points are used.  Good for eliminating Pain, Stress, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.   Available by Appointment or during Healing Happy Hour (like me on facebook for announcements) https://www.facebook.com/Root-to-Branch-Acupuncture-588452774578298/

Detox Auricular Treatments  $25

Only Ear points are used. Needle free option available! Good for eliminating pain, headaches, stress, cravings and withdrawal symptoms.  Great for quitting smoking!




saraSara Kowalik is licensed to practice acupuncture in the State of Nebraska and is a board certified Diplomat in Oriental Medicine by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Sara is originally from Omaha and attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha where she earned a Bachelor’s degree.   After working 10 years in a sales/customer service position for Regal Awards, she then went on to study acupuncture at the Texas College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCTCM) in Austin, Texas where she graduated as Salutatorian with a Master’s of Science in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.  Her training at TCTCM was 3 years long and included over 3,045 didactic and clinical hours.

Sara was first introduced to the practice of acupuncture while facing her own stress related health issues. With the purchase of a Groupon, which was originally intended as a gift for her parents, she experienced the benefits of her first acupuncture treatment and instantly knew she wanted to become a practitioner. She started reading and learning what she could on her own and after some planning applied for school.

Sara feels like she has found her calling and is very passionate about using Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine to help others to improve their health and to reduce their stress and pain.